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New Delhi: Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa on Friday (June 26) held a meeting with MLAs, MLCs and MPs of all parties from Bengaluru to discuss measures to contain the spread of coronavirus in the city, which of late witnessed a spike in the number of COVID-19 cases.

The Chief Minister assured that he would consider the suggestions given by all MLAs and MPs and take all efforts to control the spread of coronavirus in the city. It was assured by all that they would cooperate with the government in handling the COVID-19 situation.

The Karnataka government said it wants to carry on the developmental activities and COVID-19 management hand-in-hand without extending lockdown. Notably, Bengaluru till Thursday evening had 1207 active cases. 

The state government is taking all necessary preparations considering the surge in the cases everyday. Private hospitals have also been identified and an order has been issued to reserve about 50 % beds.

Highlights of the meeting:

1. It was suggested to appoint a nodal officer for each Assembly constituency for handling the COVID-19 situation. The Chief Minister said that action has already been taken in this regard.

2. The meeting was also informed that throat swab testing facility will be set up at every assembly constituency.

3. Separate ambulance facility to transport dead bodies of COVID-19 patients would be enhanced.

4. It was suggested to make use of huge marriage halls in the outskirts of Bengaluru City to quarantine asymptomatic persons. It was informed that action in this regard has already been taken and hotels have also been identified. The Chief Minister directed the officers concerned to monitor the treatment given by the private hospitals to COVID patients.

5. The meeting was informed that distribution of Ayurvedic medicines to increase the immunity levels as a precautionary measure would be reviewed.

6. The state government also stated that it has given priority for the safety of corona warriors.

7. The meeting also decided to give greater impetus to create awareness regarding precautionary measures amongst the general public.

8. The Chief Minister asked the legislators to visit hospitals in their constituency to examine the facilities there like food, beds and other things and bring it to the notice of the government if there are issues.

Prior to the meeting, Yediyurappa had asserted that there will not be any lockdown in the city and said improving the economic situation of the state was also equally important.

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